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Why do you attack the LDS church?

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I would like to ask why it is you challenge the correctness of the LDS Church? Doesn’t that mean you are condemning its validity? I know that my LDS Church outright says that it is the only correct religion. I can most definitely see how that can be taken as offensive, but it at least doesn’t single out any specific religion (even if some of its members do). I just think that a religion or religious group shouldn’t focus attacks or challenges on another, but rather, should explain why theirs is correct. I don’t think that a group should have to say that another is incorrect, but show how theirs is correct. I don’t have any problem with your ministry saying how it believes that it is correct, but I do feel slightly attacked when it condemns my Church as wrong. …I guess the point of my email is to ask you to tone down your attacks on other groups, yet DO promote the reasons why your ministry is correct without demeaning others.” Continue reading Why do you attack the LDS church?

Why do you hate Mormons? Didn’t Jesus Teach us to love our neighbors?

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.:WHY DO YOU HATE MORMONS? Didn’t Jesus Teach Us to LOVE Our Neighbors?


“Out of curiosity, I am wondering, do you have nothing better to do with your time? Why do you hate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and take your time to select random quotes from Joseph Smith to attack the Mormons.  Jesus Christ did not vehemently attack the Pharisees.  You seem to go against the very basic teachings of Christ by not LOVING your neighbor into your religion instead of trying to deceive them with selected quotes from Mormon literature. Now, I’m not saying you’re trying to be mean, but I am saying don’t be a hypocrite by attacking someone that Christ would love into His Gospel. Jesus Christ is about bringing people together, not tarring them apart over beliefs.

I believe that God is a God of mercy and second chances. He will provide a way for all of his children to return and live with him; if not in this life, the next. I also believe that God will judge us according to our consciences; that is to say that He will judge us according to the laws and ways we have been taught.  If we live the ways we believe to be correct, then that will be pleasing unto Him. I mean, how can he punish us for something we didn’t know was wrong? That just doesn’t seem just.

Now, as to people falling away from the LDS Church, every EX-member who is writing will have a problem with the standards of the Church and that is why they are Ex-members.  The standard was too high for them. Much is given; much is expected.  So, why don’t you leave the Mormons alone and find something better to do with your time?  May your hate for Mormons and Mormonism will be replaced with true tokens of worship and the fruits of the love of Jesus Christ.”  Continue reading Why do you hate Mormons? Didn’t Jesus Teach us to love our neighbors?

Why is the Mormon Church the only religion being picked on?

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“Ever wonder why only the Mormon Church is picked on?  Why aren’t people and churches bashing Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans or even Pentecostals? How about Episcopalians or Catholics? No one bashes them. They only pick on Mormons.  Are all these churches right and only the Mormons wrong or bad?  Satan knows which church is real—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, he will have anybody and everybody gang up on it to try and destroy it.  He doesn’t waste his time on the others because they aren’t a threat.” Continue reading Why is the Mormon Church the only religion being picked on?

Why don’t you get your own testimony?

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Chuck, you had a problem from the start when you said, ‘We just did it because everyone else was doing it.’ You need to have your own testimony! As a recent convert to the Mormon Church, I understand where you are coming from with how different the LDS Church is from other Churches, but that is because the Church is blessed with the priesthood and a holy Prophet of God. As a convert, I had the opportunity to take Moroni’s promise. I know that some kids who grow up in the Church overlook Moroni’s promise as they grow up and just do things because their families have a testimony of the gospel. Remember that when you take Moroni’s challenge, you must do it with an absolute sincerity in your heart. As I was fortunate enough to be able to know of the gospel, unlike billions who have been or are one the earth today, I started the unwavering foundation of my testimony. I know the Church is True and is led by Christ through our beloved Prophet. I know that Joseph Smith restored the True Church which stands today as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with sincere fervent prayer. I hope you can find these things to be true for yourself. The testimonies of others can only take you so far.” Continue reading Why don’t you get your own testimony?

Brenda – Ex-Mormon



I was in my early 20’s, honorably discharged from the Navy, happily married, and had my first child. My husband and I were living away from home and we soon clicked with another young couple that lived next door. We learned that they were LDS. Until that time, the only exposure I had to Mormons had been Donnie and Marie Osmond, who had a weekly TV program during the 70’s. Continue reading Brenda – Ex-Mormon

Chuck – Ex-Mormon


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CHUCK’S STORY A Latter-day Saint story worth reading…

My wife and I were lifelong members in the LDS Church. We both were born and raised within the comforts and values of Mormonism philosophy. I achieved the Eagle Scout rank in the LDS scouting program. I served a mission among the Navajo Native American people on their reservation in the greater southwestern United States. It was there I began to seriously question what my purpose was among these people for the Church… excuse me, for God. My wife went to college on a volleyball scholarship while I was away serving the Lord. When I returned home from an honorable mission, I met my wife at a Church sponsored young adult dance. We soon fell in love and got married within 6 to 9 months after returning from my mission. We were sealed in the Seattle Temple for all time and eternity as husband and wife. It wasn’t long and we were on our way to raising a family of 5 children of our own. We were the prime example of the perfect family following the perfect course for eternal happiness and Godly rewards that awaited us. We were admired by the members of the ward, and radiated the love and dedication expected from every LDS family in the Church. Each of our natural families were also looked up to and admired within the community Church circles for their prior dedication and steadfastness in the gospel.  We both came from large LDS families and fit the LDS profile to a “T”. We were everything an LDS family was to look like, act like, and be. It was all we’d ever known as it was our way of life. Continue reading Chuck – Ex-Mormon

Daniel S – Ex-Mormon

daniels.:DANIEL S.

I am an average male who was born into the Mormon Church.  I was baptized in 1951 at the age of 8 by my next-door neighbor in California.  He later became my Stake President who sent me on my mission.  My father never became a member, but he allowed my mother who was a member to take my brother and me to the LDS Church.  Since it was a fun place to go and I had friends there, I went and fully embraced the Church.  Instead of going on a mission at age 19, I had to wait 2 extra years to talk my father into allowing me to go.  My mother was the catalyst, challenging him until he relented. Continue reading Daniel S – Ex-Mormon

Matthew – Ex-Mormon


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I was born and raised in Portland, OR. The city of Portland is not the most religious of cities and in fact it was in that area of America that I encountered more atheism and apathy toward God than at any other place in my life. I should know, for I was once a self-avowed atheist.

My family was not particularly religious either, with the exception of my mother who was Russian Orthodox and a born-again Christian. She had been led to the Lord early in her life and as a small child she would read the Bible to my sister and I and pray with us. I still have memories of her watching over me as I prayed with her own eyes closed. I often wonder if she was just listening or if she was also praying. Continue reading Matthew – Ex-Mormon

Glenn – Ex-Mormon

glenn.: GLENN

When I was 32 months old my family was involved in a horrendous auto accident.  My mother was killed.  My father, my brother and I survived this accident.  This happened on my younger brother’s first birthday.  It was very difficult for my father as he was then left with two little boys to take care of alone.  He moved in with his parents and leaned on them for emotional support for the next few years.

About three years after the tragedy, Dad met a nice lady through a mutual friend and very soon proposed marriage to her.  She accepted and they drove to Arizona and were married one weekend.  When they returned from Arizona, we continued to live with my grandparents for about two years until we were able to construct a home of our own.  We then became a family and my brother and I were very comfortable with our new mother because she was really the only mother we could remember as we were growing up. Continue reading Glenn – Ex-Mormon

Laura – Ex-Mormon

(Note Laura is Rob B’s wife)

I was born in Utah and raised in both Utah and New Mexico. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, LDS (Mormon) Missionaries came to the Navajo reservations teaching their Mormon faith and indoctrinating Navajo parents with their idea that “Families are Forever.” A program was developed that sent Navajo children to foster families in Utah who would give them a year of education at school as well as teach them the tenants of the Mormon religion. This program was called, “The Lamanite Placement Program,” named after the “Lamanite” people in the Book of Mormon who the Mormons claim are the principle ancestors of Native American Indians. Continue reading Laura – Ex-Mormon

Scott – Ex-Mormon


For the majority of my life on earth, I have been around the LDS Church. My father was born and raised Mormon and his family has deep roots in Mormonism dating back to the Brigham Young days. I remember my grandmother’s stories of her family’s journey from back east to the Salt Lake Valley. Although we did attend Church occasionally for special Sundays like Easter, I was inactive from the Church for most of my youth. When I was 13, my Father decided that his family needed to have the Word of God in the home, so he turned to Mormonism — the only religion he really knew and the only one I was familiar with as well. Continue reading Scott – Ex-Mormon

Ron – Ex-RLDS


An Eastern proverb states that “Devastation Exfoliates Providential Efficacy.”  It was likewise, through devastation, that I found the humility and sheer confusion sufficient to shake me loose from the grip of doctrinal perception I’d known my whole life.  My view of God and His grace had been formed by the doctrines of Mormonism.

I was a fifth generation member of the RLDS faction of Mormonism (now called Community of Christ).  Every childhood memory was formed in a home-life of deep commitment to the teachings of the Book of Mormon.  My great-great-grandfather was converted to the church in the latter half of the 19th century and later rose to the office of Apostle.  I therefore grew up with the experiences of a family history that validated and reinforced my faith. Continue reading Ron – Ex-RLDS

Jennifer – Ex-Mormon


From a very young age, I felt as though I was a mistake and unwanted. My parents were always fighting with each other, whether it was over going to church or money or my dad’s drinking habit. When I was three years old, I remember going into my parent’s room where I saw my dad hit my mom in a fight.  That night while he was working, she packed our things and took us to stay with a man, whom I later learned was a leader in the Mormon church (a Bishop). We lived with him and his family for a little bit, until my mom gave in and listened to the bishop and we went back to live with my dad. Continue reading Jennifer – Ex-Mormon

La Vonne – My journey out of Mormonism to freedom in Christ

lavonneLA VONNE – My journey into Mormonism and then Finally Freedom in Christ!

It is interesting how patterns repeat themselves and either pulls one into a false religion or maintains that false religion if they happen to be born into it. People are creatures of habit and will often mindlessly repeat patterns without searching out the choices they make. This is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, he tells us through His Word the Bible to search and test all things.  As you listen to my journey look for the repeated patterns until truth set me free.

My journey began as a young girl being raised by a mother that loved me but didn’t know how to show it. She did not have God in her life and so did not know how to guide me to follow God’s will in my life. She was very controlling and often had rules that didn’t make any sense. Rules like you cannot wear jeans or eat certain foods. Her many marriages would cause me to feel excluded and unloved.  Her ridiculously strict rules would eventually cause me to seek freedom outside of her control at an unprepared and early age. Continue reading La Vonne – My journey out of Mormonism to freedom in Christ

Bev – Ex-Mormon


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 My Mormon heritage goes all the way back to Joseph Smith. My genealogy crosses his genealogy. My beginnings were in a small town in Idaho. I went to church in an old stone building across the street from my house. Sundays were fun hearing stories about Jesus and getting a gold star on my forehead. We had a big family and lots of friends, all Mormon. I have fond memories of friendships and social gatherings.

When I was about six years old I was with my Grandmother Lucy in the basement of that old Mormon Church in Rigby, Idaho. Grandma was talking to another woman about Jesus Christ. I wanted to know more and kept bugging her with questions. She took the time to tell me about Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins and if we pray to Him and thank Him for His gift, He will be the constant friend by our side and we can live in Heaven. Continue reading Bev – Ex-Mormon

Mary – Ex-Mormon

mary.:MARY O.

As a child I attended a Baptist elementary school K-6 and attended church there as well. I continued attending Christian churches until I was a young adult at which time I was introduced to the Latter-day Saints (LDS) religion.

I was drawn to the LDS religion because they had answers to the questions I was asking. Their answers were logical and something I could wrap my life around. The religion was very structured and that suited my personality quite well.

As a natural born “wanna be,” I climbed the LDS ladder as quickly as they would allow. My husband and I were sealed in the temple one year after our baptism. For at least 13 of my 15 years as a Mormon, I carried and regularly used my temple recommend. At one point, I even served as the Stake Young Women’s President. Continue reading Mary – Ex-Mormon

Phillip – Ex-Mormon

phillip-cheryl.:THE TESTIMONY OF PHILLIP – How God Rescued Me and My Wife from Mormonism

I was born to parents who had converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was raised as a Mormon in a non-Mormon environment in rural Kansas. This presented many challenges including the exclusion from most activities that were not comprised of Mormon participants.  I was thoroughly rehearsed in the mantra of defending the Church, its doctrines, and its leaders long before my mandatory baptism at age eight. I was never given the opportunity to compare my beliefs with other beliefs or to investigate other viewpoints.  I was taught to “know” these things were “true,” because it was the prescribed process of indoctrination, now referred to by neuroscientists and psychological experts as “brainwashing” or “mind control.” Continue reading Phillip – Ex-Mormon

Daniel V – Ex-RLDS



I grew up in a splinter group of Mormonism called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Community of Christ or RLDS).  At age 14, I was baptized into this church, but I was not saved at that time because being baptized into a church and being “born again” are not the same thing.

The RLDS splintered off of Mormonism when Brigham Young took the Mormons to Utah after the death of LDS (Mormon) founder, Joseph Smith, Jr. This group refused to follow Young and took Joseph Smith’s son (Joseph Smith III) to be its leader. Up until 1996 when the last male descendent of Joseph Smith, Jr. died, they had not ceased to have one of his descendents serve as president and prophet of the group. Continue reading Daniel V – Ex-RLDS

Rob – Ex-Mormom

rob.:ROB B

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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in the Mormon faith. I was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood of the Mormon Church, but in my later teens, I stopped going to the Church. I left because of certain fallacies in their teachings on the power of the priesthoods they claim to posses, and on account of the poor way they treat Mormons who do not live up to their standards.

For many years, I believed that I didn’t need God in my life, but yet I still considered myself a Mormon. In 1997, I decided to reconsider having God in my life, but due to my past memories of the Mormon Church, I chose to start my search for the truth about God and what He had to offer, outside of the Mormon religion. Over the next couple of years, my search led me down many paths (including self-help books). Yet, I was unable to fill the emptiness that was inside of me. Continue reading Rob – Ex-Mormom

Bonnie – Ex-Mormon


My journey into Mormonism began when I was very young… I grew up in Protestant churches – Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian, to be specific.  Although we were in church every Sunday, I don’t remember really being taught God’s word by anyone at any church.  I also was not getting any teaching at home…. In fact, although my parents were staunch “church goers”, I don’t recall them ever using God’s word to guide me in any way whatsoever.  As a result, when I got to my senior year in college and started feeling a need to understand God, I didn’t have any foundation to draw on.  When I finally became desperate for answers, I made appointments with five Protestant pastors and one Catholic priest in hopes of getting answers, but not one of those men opened a Bible in my presence and said anything like, ”This is what God’s Word tells us.”

So it’s no wonder that when I ran into some Mormon missionaries and they had instant and very confident answers (although a bit odd sounding!) to my questions, using the Bible to answer me, that I became intrigued.  Six months later, I became engaged to a young Mormon returned missionary and slid quite easily into joining his church.  Continue reading Bonnie – Ex-Mormon