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LDS Questions DVD – Part 2 – LDS Questions Answered

The Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon


THE BOOK OF MORMONMormon.org states:

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is an actual record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains, as does the Bible, the fullness of the everlasting gospel… The Book of Mormon is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ. It helps us understand His teachings, including those in the Bible.” Continue reading The Book of Mormon

Blind fools! Why don’t you all come home?



“Blind faith, brain washing, catchy songs. You are all fools! Your ambivalent clichés on Mormonism are neither founded nor respected. Chuck, if you truly were at one time Mormon, why were you such a push over? Don’t you know part of the faith is to question the norm and challenge the truth? You tormented soul! Your angry and victimized tale is hardly proper indignation for a religion that didn’t bring you happiness.

I wonder how you managed to stay in as long as you did. Let me guess, the Christian faith has somehow brought happiness you could never find in being the “worker Bee” Mormon? Well, continue your fable life of blindness and enjoy your new faith.  Your slander and condemnation only strengthen the one and only true Church that has been brought forth in “these latter days!”

I cannot believe you would be so foolish as to imply that the Bible is the only true source of God over the Book of Mormon. How can you say, “A book! A book! I have a book and it contains the word of God!” on the one hand, but on the other, you denounce the latter-day miracles of its author? Where did you get that book in the first place? Was it not from the mouth of a Jew? Who are you that you would question the witnesses of God? Could there not be more than one book from God?

I testify to you, sir, that there is more than one, or the Bible would lack credibility and your “God’s word” would not be believed. Witnesses come in two’s and three’s. Surely you can remember that! I beckon you, Chuck, return your tired spirit home so that you may again find peace in the happiness of the true and only gospel! I wish you well, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!” Continue reading Blind fools! Why don’t you all come home?

Daniel S – Ex-Mormon

daniels.:DANIEL S.

I am an average male who was born into the Mormon Church.  I was baptized in 1951 at the age of 8 by my next-door neighbor in California.  He later became my Stake President who sent me on my mission.  My father never became a member, but he allowed my mother who was a member to take my brother and me to the LDS Church.  Since it was a fun place to go and I had friends there, I went and fully embraced the Church.  Instead of going on a mission at age 19, I had to wait 2 extra years to talk my father into allowing me to go.  My mother was the catalyst, challenging him until he relented. Continue reading Daniel S – Ex-Mormon

Laura – Ex-Mormon

(Note Laura is Rob B’s wife)

I was born in Utah and raised in both Utah and New Mexico. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, LDS (Mormon) Missionaries came to the Navajo reservations teaching their Mormon faith and indoctrinating Navajo parents with their idea that “Families are Forever.” A program was developed that sent Navajo children to foster families in Utah who would give them a year of education at school as well as teach them the tenants of the Mormon religion. This program was called, “The Lamanite Placement Program,” named after the “Lamanite” people in the Book of Mormon who the Mormons claim are the principle ancestors of Native American Indians. Continue reading Laura – Ex-Mormon

Bev – Ex-Mormon


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 My Mormon heritage goes all the way back to Joseph Smith. My genealogy crosses his genealogy. My beginnings were in a small town in Idaho. I went to church in an old stone building across the street from my house. Sundays were fun hearing stories about Jesus and getting a gold star on my forehead. We had a big family and lots of friends, all Mormon. I have fond memories of friendships and social gatherings.

When I was about six years old I was with my Grandmother Lucy in the basement of that old Mormon Church in Rigby, Idaho. Grandma was talking to another woman about Jesus Christ. I wanted to know more and kept bugging her with questions. She took the time to tell me about Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins and if we pray to Him and thank Him for His gift, He will be the constant friend by our side and we can live in Heaven. Continue reading Bev – Ex-Mormon

Daniel V – Ex-RLDS



I grew up in a splinter group of Mormonism called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Community of Christ or RLDS).  At age 14, I was baptized into this church, but I was not saved at that time because being baptized into a church and being “born again” are not the same thing.

The RLDS splintered off of Mormonism when Brigham Young took the Mormons to Utah after the death of LDS (Mormon) founder, Joseph Smith, Jr. This group refused to follow Young and took Joseph Smith’s son (Joseph Smith III) to be its leader. Up until 1996 when the last male descendent of Joseph Smith, Jr. died, they had not ceased to have one of his descendents serve as president and prophet of the group. Continue reading Daniel V – Ex-RLDS