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Bob B – The Youngest Mormon Bishop in England

Bob's Book - The Youngest Bishop in EnglandBOB B. – The Youngest Mormon Bishop in England

I joined the Mormon Church in December of 1964 at 18 years of age. Unlike many converts, I was looking for God a year before I contacted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and asked their Missionaries to come and teach me. I was what they call “a golden contact” because I was already reading the Bible, but now, I was able to read and study the Mormon scriptures (The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants).

I was extremely diligent and earnest in serving the LDS Church. I accepted various ‘Callings’ (unpaid jobs in the Church) and since I attended a Branch of the Church (smaller than a Ward), I had many opportunities to teach and preach. Along with my developing understanding of the Mormon Faith — that is, the understanding the Church was willing to permit me and all other members to have, I was also beginning to develop a personal relationship with Christ and God the Father. Continue reading Bob B – The Youngest Mormon Bishop in England

LDS Questions DVD – Part 6 – LDS Questions Answered

ONLINE DVD: Part 6 – LDS QUESTIONS: Answering Questions Your Mormon Friends Ask

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Note: We had so many chairs set out than we had people filling them by the end of our seminar because the seminar went an hour overtime and most left before the Question and Answer period.

bullets LDSQ #7: Questions & Answers #1 of 3

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After Mormonism, what?


confusedboy.:AFTER MORMONISM WHAT? What does an LDS person do when he or she breaks free from Mormonism?

You may be asking: “So What Do I Do Now?” You have finally broken free from the “herd” of Mormonism, but you feel hopelessly lost and without direction now…


In the LDS Church, you were told what to think, where to go, what to do, and how to do it. You had your Church Handbook that was approved by the Presidency of the Church for your study and spiritual edification. You maintained faith with the Brethren and local leaders of the Church. You had been told to simply follow the Prophet and everything will be made sure.

You carried a membership card that got you into the temple. You passed your exams with the local Bishop, the Stake President, and anyone else who had been proclaimed to be an authority over you. You memorized all the songs since primary, memorized a few Scriptures from the Book of Mormon, dressed like everyone else in the Church, spoke like everyone else, served without reservations like everyone else. You were in fact, a living clone of everyone else in Mormonism. Continue reading After Mormonism, what?