Copyright Policy

Copyright policy


Answer to the Question: “Can I print and distribute copies of your material without infringing on copyright laws?”

Copyright Statement:
From this Witnesses for Jesus website, you may print materials for personal use and to share with others in your local, and/or worldwide ministry as long as you give them away and do not charge for them. In this case, free means free. No audio, PDF or text file may be bundled with anything sold, nor may you charge for audio or paper copies, shipping or handling, etc. These files are freely provided for your personal study and use in ministering to Jehovah’s Witnesses and other friends. De-compilation and/or redistribution of “partial” printed and/or audio files is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid statements being taken out of context.

Re-distribution Policy:

This material is shared in the form of digital media and written transcript with the name and address of Witnesses for Jesus displayed. It may not be reprinted for commercial publication; however, it may be duplicated for ministry distribution as long as it is given away and you include the name and address of Witnesses for Jesus on all derivative works. De-compilation and/or redistribution of “partial” media and/or written transcript files is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid statements being taken out of context.

Requests for Permission to “Repost Audio or Written Transcript Files on Other Sites:”
We have had numerous requests from users to repost our written transcript and media files on their own websites, discussion boards, etc. We appreciate your vote of confidence in the content provided by Witnesses for Jesus, and we are honored to serve all the people using the website each day. However, with all the websites in the world being only one simple click away from our site, under no circumstances do we grant permission for these materials to be reposted on other websites. However, you are welcome to place a website link to any content shared on any of our Witnesses for Jesus, Inc websites:,,,,

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