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FACT #1: The Mormon View of God our Father is different from Biblical Christianity.   

FACT #2: The “Eternal Family” concept in Mormonism is neither Biblical nor Rational.

FACT #3: Joseph Smith did not fulfill the Biblical requirements to be called a Prophet of God.

FACT #4: Mormonism is not a restoration of the early Christian Church.

FACT #5: The Bible and the Book of Mormon Prove the Impossibility of a so-called “Great Apostasy” of the Christian Church

FACT #6: The Mormon Gospel is  not a Restoration of the Biblical Gospel but rather “another gospel” prophesied in the Bible.

FACT #7: Biblical Priesthood Authority is completely different from the Mormon view of Priesthood. 

FACT #8: The Book of Mormon contradicts history, archaeology, geography and the Biblical witness of Jesus Christ.

FACT #9: Mormons believe in becoming “gods” themselves.

FACT #10: The Mormon Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Bible.

FACT #11: Beliefs must be tested, not just felt to be true. 



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