Understanding Mormonism Audio MP3 Seminar

Understanding Mormonism

UNDERSTANDING MORMONISM—Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Christian?

Speaker Christy Harvey – Four Part Seminar that will fit on a Single MP3 CD.

  • Are Mormons Christians?
  • What do Mormons mean when they say: “We believe in Jesus Christ”?
  • Is the Book of Mormon “another testament” of Jesus Christ?
  • Was Joseph Smith a false prophet?
  • What are Mormon missionaries afraid to reveal about their church?
  • Learn the effective questions you can ask to lovingly challenge your Mormon friends

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Each session is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes in length. – Listen to the MP3 files free Online by clicking the links here:

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Session 1: LDS Authority (History, Prophecies, Priesthood authority)
Session 2: LDS Godhead (The Nature of God, Jesus Christ and the Trinity)
Session 3: LDS Salvation (Faith and Works, 3 Kingdoms of Mormonism)
Session 4: Presenting the Gospel with Love to Mormons (Repentance, Forgiveness and Christ’s sacrifice)


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