Do Mormons Honor Joseph Smith at Christmas?

Christmas Lights

It is significant that Joseph Smith was born on December 23rd.  Although Mormons honor Christ at Christmas and their Christmas programs focus mainly on Christ during this time of year, it is noteworthy that Joseph Smith was born very close to Christmas, and as a result, in 2005 at the 200th year birthday of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Church gave reverence to him along with Jesus at Temple Square that year. The Mormon Church website states:

“Here on Dec. 23, 1805, a baby with the responsibility of restoring to the earth the fullness of the everlasting gospel, was born,” a descendant of Joseph Smith said.” (Apostles Express “Deep Reverence and Appreciation” for Prophet Joseph Smith and His Birthplace in Vermont, from the Mormon Church website)


To get into a good conversation with your Mormon friend that will reveal his or her devotion to Joseph Smith, you can ask: “How would your life be different if Joseph Smith wasn’t born or the Book of Mormon didn’t exist?”

When asked this question in our radio interview posted below, John, our Mormon friend, admitted that if Joseph Smith was taken out of the equation, if the Book of Mormon was never written, he wouldn’t even believe in Jesus Christ!

It’s one thing to believe your church leaders have helped you grow in your faith, but Mormonism takes adoration of Joseph Smith a step further to place Joseph Smith next to Jesus Christ as necessary for our salvation!

In their June 1994, Ensign article entitled, “Joseph Smith among the Prophets” the Mormon stated that “…the life of Joseph Smith was in some degree patterned after that of his Master, Jesus Christ. Like his Master, Joseph Smith also shed his blood in order that the final testament, the reestablishment of the new covenant, might be in full effect.” (Ensign, June 1994, p. 22.)

So according to Mormonism, Joseph Smith’s blood had to be shed to “reestablish” the new covenant.  How blasphemous is that?

Put this statement along with the lyrics of the Mormon song, “Praise to the Man,” in which Mormons sing, “Hail to the Prophet” Joseph Smith, you have a combination for false worship of a man.

In contrast, the true Gospel didn’t need to be restored. Jesus’ work in establishing the New Covenant didn’t need to be legitimized by any human! Listen to our discussion with a Mormon below:

Christian Discussion with a Mormon – Does God Change?

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