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I am a former Mormon. I now have much peace knowing the truth.

“I just wanted to thank you for this great teaching site. I am a former Mormon. I now have much peace knowing the truth. I am a new believer of Jesus in the way he would want me to know him and of his love for me.  I have been born again for a little over a year. Thank You! Please pray for myself and my family. I still have thoughts of the Mormon ways. How controlling it can be. What release I have found now.”



This is fantastic! Your information is incredibly helpful as I almost got caught up in Mormonism.

“This is fantastic! Your information is incredibly helpful as I almost got caught up in this Mormonism religion. I’m now embracing Christianity but I refuse to  join a church as I’m trying to have my own personal relationship with Christ first of all. I read your article on Salvation and  I said the salvation prayer.  Thank you ever so much for that example.”



mountain-path2Thank you for being there for me!

“Hello, I found your website quite by accident, but once I started reading, it was hard to stop. As it is… I am currently on a spiritual journey and trying to figure out which ‘religion’ to follow… Thinking I was starting my search into Mormonism again, I ended up on your site. The more I read, the more it made senseThank you for being there for me to find. I think your website was my ‘sign’ to find, read, and learn from.”


manti_temple2Your Website Touched Me!

“I am contacting you to express to you how much the information that you offer in your website touched me. I myself was a Mormon. And it was not long after I stopped taking their word for it and research the history and the doctrine as a whole my self …did I notice that it was a lie, laced with God’s (Word) truth. The information that you offer about what the LDS believe is correct and I am glad that you are letting God use you in this ministry.”



Keep up the good work!

lds_missionaries“I live in Utah and last week I was approached by a couple of Mormon missionaries.  …I took a little time to search your website and prepare myself for their next visit. I must say that I was very impressed and the information you provided was quite educational. …Now that I’ve seen your website, I can address many of the other differences and contradictions that I wasn’t even aware of before.  …Keep up the good work.”


lds-answersI like your website because I can look for answers…

“Hi… I’m Christian, but some time ago I was Mormon. I give thanks to God because now I have a true relationship with God.  My life is different, but my husband isn’t interested… because he was raised in the Mormon Church. …I like your website, because I can learn more about Mormonism and how to reach my husband …and in this site I can look for answers to questions that nobody has answered for me.”

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