Blind fools! Why don’t you all come home?



“Blind faith, brain washing, catchy songs. You are all fools! Your ambivalent clichés on Mormonism are neither founded nor respected. Chuck, if you truly were at one time Mormon, why were you such a push over? Don’t you know part of the faith is to question the norm and challenge the truth? You tormented soul! Your angry and victimized tale is hardly proper indignation for a religion that didn’t bring you happiness.

I wonder how you managed to stay in as long as you did. Let me guess, the Christian faith has somehow brought happiness you could never find in being the “worker Bee” Mormon? Well, continue your fable life of blindness and enjoy your new faith.  Your slander and condemnation only strengthen the one and only true Church that has been brought forth in “these latter days!”

I cannot believe you would be so foolish as to imply that the Bible is the only true source of God over the Book of Mormon. How can you say, “A book! A book! I have a book and it contains the word of God!” on the one hand, but on the other, you denounce the latter-day miracles of its author? Where did you get that book in the first place? Was it not from the mouth of a Jew? Who are you that you would question the witnesses of God? Could there not be more than one book from God?

I testify to you, sir, that there is more than one, or the Bible would lack credibility and your “God’s word” would not be believed. Witnesses come in two’s and three’s. Surely you can remember that! I beckon you, Chuck, return your tired spirit home so that you may again find peace in the happiness of the true and only gospel! I wish you well, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!”


I am often amazed at the way people respond when their faith is challenged. Christ never took to name calling in this way, and He always remained firm by example to His love of those who often opposed Him. I see this as no different, my friend. I know more about your position than you do of mine. This is not a debate, nor is this meant to rattle you. If I have awakened your senses, then I have done well. I thank you.

The challenge you will have is first understanding more than what you’ve been told to believe on the history of the Church. It all begins with Joseph Smith. There is more to the truth of his story than you’ve been told. Don’t get mad; just be determined to investigate the truth of the matter. Next, there is a reason no artifacts have been found that link the many great wars and battles as described in the Book of Mormon. It becomes quite obvious. It never happened. Technology can find oil, find precious metal artifacts, and even caves under the ground. Even burial sites can be explored to confirm they are there. Yet, no one can find the hundreds of thousands of shields, swords, breastplates, mass burials or any other things described throughout the alleged Lamanite history here in the Americas. Even DNA of the native American does not match up with Book of Mormon claims. Symbolism in the temple rituals that are held most sacred, are so close to the Masonic rituals, it makes you wonder what is really happening here and what is the truth of the ritual beginnings? Was it truly of God or of man?

There is so much more that cannot be explained by the LDS church and will not be admitted to by its leaders. Yet, when a person looks for themselves and seriously questions many facets of the LDS church, it gradually becomes apparent that the robes aren’t as white as we were being told.

I know there is nothing I can say that will cause you to stand back a moment, look around, and see for yourself what I see. You have not investigated the history of the church’s early beginnings as I have. The puzzle is no puzzle when the truth is laid out bare. I know you will claim “authority” for your position on religion. You have been taught to believe that. A horse is easy to lead with blinders on. The church leaders understand this, as it is no mystery and has been used for millennia to move the masses. The promise of families forever is a clever cliché, and it roots deep into people’s hearts. Christ has explained what rewards await for those who believe on Him. I know this, and you do too. The only thing standing in the way of a mutual understanding is your proclaimed “authority” and a pair of blinders, and for me, my own investigations of the church leading to my submission to Christ.

I am glad that my testimony is reaching so many. You are merely one of so many who feel compelled to strike a sword, rather than investigate the truth deeper than the church would have you look. If you only read church sponsored materials, you will only see the church sponsored spin. I wanted truth, and as with all things, you must look for yourself to find it. Know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Christ taught that if you know the truth, you will have peace in Him. As an observer, you have proven to me and others by your own actions how being mislead unleashes the temptation to lash out at opposition to prove you are right in what you are doing, because you said so… as you have the “authority.” Well, my friend, Christ taught that His gospel would bring peace, love, and understanding inside the heart.

Perhaps the spirit is moving you to confront not only me, but also your own feelings, and challenge your own understanding. When you have done so, we can have a more intelligent and calm conversation. Please be encouraged to find out the truth for yourself, and don’t rely on your feelings as feelings can be mislead and misread. Christ has made it plain what He has done for us. Be careful in how much trust you put in the LDS church. God is, by far, your better bet.

Please be blessed, be calm and stand back to see what has already happened to you. If you truly care to see the truth as I wanted to; go find it! God will guide you there, the Spirit will bring peace and understanding back to you.

Sincerely, Chuck


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